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  • SONOMOJI are here :)

    by Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography | May 19, 2017


    so·no·mo·ji [saw-no-moh-jee]
    Noun, plural so·no·mo·ji or so·no·mo·jis 

     (sometimes initial capital letter) Digital technology; a small digital picture combining “sound” and a picture or symbol; used in text messages and other electronic communications that represents a thing, feeling, concept, etc. related to the field of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (a diagnostic imaging modality ​that uses reflected high-frequency sound waves to generate medical images of internal body structures or organs).

    Example: She texted me a sonomoji with an ultrasound probe in her hand, which may mean she is doing a sonogram right now.

    Express yourself with sonomoji!

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