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    Total Current Credits:  238.25       Total Future Credits:  1.00    Total Credits: 239.25
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 1True1000JDMS: Ultrasound of the Carpal Tunnel and Median NerveJDMS[OT]  12/17/2016No1
 3True1002JDMS: Contrast-Enhanced Hepatic SonographyJDMS[AB]  02/28/2016No1
 5True1005AC07: The Profession’s IdentityOther[OT]  06/21/2016No1
 6True1004AC07: Legal-Medical Issues for the SonographerOther[OT]  07/01/2016No1
 7True1006AC07: Imaging of the AortaOther[VT]  06/24/2016No1
 8True1007AC07: Hemodynamics and the Colorado RiverOther[VT]  06/02/2016No1
 9True1008AC07: Things You Thought You Knew About Doppler SonographyOther[VT]  06/07/2016No1
 10True1009AC07: Doppler WaveformsOther[VT]  07/01/2016No1
 11True1010AC07: Sonography of Inflammatory ConditionsOther[AB]  06/02/2016No1
 12True1011AC07: Echo Essentials Needed to Diagnosis Diastolic DysfunctionOther[AE]  06/07/2016No1
 13True1012AC07: Sonography of Transplanted OrgansOther[AB]  06/16/2016No1
 14True1013AC06: Career Pathways Panel DiscussionOther[OT]  07/01/2017No1
 15True1014AC06: Financing Your Future With Sonography CredentialsOther[OT]  07/01/2016No1
 16True1015AC06: Essential Interviewing/Negotiating SkillsOther[OT]  07/11/2017No1
 18True1017AC06: Managing Risk: Your Career Depends On It!Other[OT]  07/01/2017No1
 19True1018JDMS: Improved Sonographic Accuracy in the Presurgical Diagnosis of Diffuse AdenomyosisJDMS[OB]  02/28/2017No1
 24True1023JDMS: The Ectopic Pregnancy: A Well-Deserved ReviewJDMS[OB]  12/04/2016No1
 26True1025JDMS: Duplex Evaluation of the Postoperative CarotidJDMS[VT]  12/31/2016No0.5
 28True1027JDMS: Radio Frequency Ablation: The Key to Cancer TreatmentJDMS[SPI]  04/30/2016No0.5
 29True1029JDMS: Sonographic Evaluation of Complications of Liver TransplantationJDMS[AB]  06/30/2018No1
 33True1033JDMS: Sonographic Signs of Fetal Neural Tube and Central Nervous System DefectsJDMS[OB]  12/31/2015No1
 35True1034JDMS: Practical Arterial Evaluation of the Lower ExtremityJDMS[VT]  07/01/2017No1
 39True1038JDMS: Ultrasonography of a Gastroduodenal Artery PseudoaneurysmJDMS[VT]  07/01/2017No1
 42True1041JDMS: Sonographic Signs of Midgut Malformations Due to Ventral Wall DefectsJDMS[OB]  07/10/2017No1
 45True1044JDMS: Prospective Observational Study to Assess Value of Prostate Cancer DiagnosticsJDMS[AB]  07/01/2017No1
 51True1050JDMS: Pediatric EchocardiographyJDMS[PE]  07/01/2017No2
 53True1052JDMS: Infective EndocarditisJDMS[AE]  07/01/2016No1
 54True1053JDMS: Tissue Harmonic Imaging: A ReviewJDMS[SPI]  07/01/2017No1
 56True1055JDMS: 3D and 4D Sonography History and TheoryJDMS[SPI]  01/30/2018No1
 60True1059JDMS: A Review of Fetal Circulation and the Segmental Approach in Fetal EchocardiographyJDMS[FE]  02/28/2017No1.5
 61True1060JDMS: The Use of Sonography Identification, Localization, and Removal Soft Tissue ForeignJDMS[AB]  02/28/2016No1.5
 62True1061JDMS: Diastolic Function - The Necessary BasicsJDMS[AE]  04/30/2018No1.5
 63True1062JDMS: Sonography of the Carotid Body Tumor: A ReviewJDMS[VT]  04/30/2018No0.5
 64True1063JDMS: Semiquantitative and Quantitative Color Flow Mapping MethodsJDMS[AE]  06/30/2016No1.5
 65True1064JDMS: Incidence of Visualized Thyroid Abnormalities During Carotid Duplex EvaluationsJDMS[VT]  01/30/2017No0.5
 66True1065JDMS: Interventional EchocardiographyJDMS[AE]  08/31/2018No1.5
 67True1066JDMS: Sonographic Evaluation of the Portal and Hepatic SystemsJDMS[AB]  10/31/2016No1.5
 68True1067JDMS: Surface EMG Evaluation of Sonographer Scanning PosturesJDMS[OT]  10/31/2018No1
 69True1068JDMS: 3D Sonography With Targeted MRI in Prenatal Diagnosis of Posterior Cleft PalateJDMS[OB]  12/31/2017No1
 71True1070JDMS: Does Spatiotemporal Image Correlation Enhance the Diagnostic Usefulness of Fetal CJDMS[OT]  04/30/2016No1.5
 72True1071JDMS: Sonographic and Vascular Assessment of Axillary Lymph Nodes: A ReviewJDMS[BR]  04/30/2016No1.5
 73True1072JDMS: Arterial Vascular HemodynamicsJDMS[VT]  06/30/2016No1
 74True1073JDMS: Echocardiographic Assessment of Pericardial Effusion: A Brief ReviewJDMS[AE]  08/31/2016No1
 75True1074JDMS: Frequency of Uterine Malformations Among Women in a Restricted Gene Pool CommunityJDMS[OB]  10/31/2016No1
 76True1075JDMS: High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for Specific Therapeutic TreatmentsJDMS[OT]  12/31/2016No1
 77True1076JDMS: Evaluation of Body Surface Area as a Determinant of CholecystodynamicsJDMS[AB]  02/21/2017No0.5
 78True1077JDMS: Testicular Adrenal Rest Tumors Associated with Congenital Adrenal HyperplasiaJDMS[AB]  02/28/2017No0.5
 79True1078JDMS: Enhancing Image Quality Using Advanced Signal Processing TechniquesJDMS[SPI]  11/30/2017No1
 80True1079JDMS: Measures of Association: How to Choose?JDMS[OT]  07/01/2017No1
 81True1080JDMS: Characterization of Osteocortical-Periosteal Layers by High-Resolution SonographyJDMS[OT]  07/01/2017No1
 106True1105Professional Risk Management for SonographersOther[OT]  06/02/2016No1
 107True1106Quality in Ultrasound - Credentialing and Accreditation ExplainedOther[OT]  07/01/2016No1
 109True1108Perception is Reality - Image of a ProfessionalOther[OT]  02/21/2017No1
 211True1175JDMS: Correlation Between 3-D Transvaginal First-Trimester Neuroimaging and Embryonic DvlpJDMS[OB]  12/05/2017No1
 212True1176JDMS: Cystic HygromaJDMS[OB]  12/10/2016No0.5
 322True1252AC07: The Future of SonographyOther[OT]  06/04/2016No1.5
 544True1433JDMS: Characterizing Triphasic, Biphasic, and Monophasic Doppler WaveformsJDMS[SPI]  11/30/2017No1
 545True1434JDMS: Improving Detection of Transposition of the Great ArteriesJDMS[OB]  09/09/2018No1
 966True1817JDMS: Image Segmentation for Evaluating Axillary Lymph NodesJDMS[OT]  11/14/2016No1
 1097True1953Webinar: Sonographic Evaluation for Chromosomal AnomaliesWebinar[OB]  01/31/2017No1
 1355True2194Webinar: Cardiac Hemodynamics and Doppler PrinciplesWebinar[AE]  01/15/2018No1
 1469True2298JDMS: Sonographic Assessment of Neonatal Spine & Potential for New Tech. to Aid in DiagnosJDMS[OB]  02/28/2017No1.5
 1593True2408Webinar: Image Optimization in Vascular UltrasoundWebinar[VT]  02/05/2018No1
 2006True2765JDMS: Uterine Artery Doppler and Its Value in Predicting PreeclampsiaJDMS[OB]  04/30/2018No1
 2075True2826Webinar: Renal TransplantWebinar[AB]  03/26/2017No1
 2295True3030Webinar: The Evaluation of Left and Right Sided Diastology by EchocardiographyWebinar[AE]  06/11/2018No1
 2296True3031Webinar: Pulmonary Hypertension and Echocardiography: Beyond VelocitiesWebinar[AE]  04/16/2018No1
 2297True3034Webinar: Testing One, Two, Three...Exam CreationWebinar[OT]  05/07/2018No1
 2298True3033Webinar: Abdominal Doppler: Interesting Cases to Demonstrate Key PrinciplesWebinar[AB]  05/21/2018No1
 2619True3347JDMS: Quantitative Ultrasonography of Calcaneal Bone MassJDMS[OT]  06/30/2018No1
 2621True3348JDMS: Understanding the Advanced Signal Processing Technique of Real-Time Adaptive FiltersJDMS[SPI]  06/30/2018No1
 2945True3690Webinar: First Trimester Risk Assessment for Down SyndromeWebinar[OB]  09/09/2018No1
 2990True3731JDMS: Confusion of Peripheral Arterial Doppler Waveform TerminologyJDMS[SPI]  07/13/2018No1
 3114True3844Webinar: The Transcranial Doppler ExaminationWebinar[VT]  08/06/2017No1
 3115True3845Webinar: NeurosonographyWebinar[NE]  12/08/2017No1